What Does A Preschool Teacher Do?

A preschool teacher has many duties and tasks, but the most important task is to prepare young children for primary school education. Young children need to learn basic skills associated with learning, so that they are fully equipped when they enter the next phase of education.

The preschool teacher uses songs, rhymes, storytelling, social activities, and educational movies to prepare the youngsters for a formal education. Most schools have a formal curriculum that the teachers need to follow, but finding creative ways to teach and discuss topics is important to keep the children motivated, and to enable them to easily remember new concepts.


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Why is preschool important?  

Young children need to learn a series of things before they can attend primary school. They have to know the very basics of reading, writing, and maths, be able to socialise with other kids, and should also have a good bilingual vocabulary.

Preschool teachers prepare children for a formal education. In a sense, preschool gives children the opportunity to grow, develop social and emotional skills, and also learn about a structured day, how to follow instructions, and behave in a school environment.

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