Training For Preschool Teachers

Not all preschool training jobs are the same. Some preschools might require the teachers to have specialised training related to the type of learning methods used in the preschool.

In-service training for preschool teachers

In-service training can also be regarded as “in-house” training. In-service training is necessary for teachers who wish to continue professional development throughout their teaching career.  

Nursery teachers’ training

In order to become a nursery teacher, you have to get a qualification in education or preschool teaching. A diploma might be enough to get you a job in this field, but to widen your employment possibilities you can study other programmes, such as childhood development or child psychology, and work your way towards a bachelor’s degree.   

Once you have been certified as a preschool teacher and obtained your licence, you will start your classroom training. Practical training will help develop your patience, compassion, communication skills, a sense of humour, and a willingness to lead and manage a group of young, energetic children.

Training for preschool teachers, Preschool Courses

Qualifications to be a preschool teacher  

Every country has their own set of qualifications that they require preschool teachers to have. Some preschool positions only require you to have a high school matric certificate, while others require you to have a formal education in preschool teaching.

You could also study add-on courses, such as child psychology, childhood development, or child safety and nutrition. Extra courses can help you study towards a bachelor’s degree in preschool teaching.  

Did you know?

You can study add-on courses through distance learning – meaning that you can finish all your studies at the same time.

How does this work?

When studying a distance learning course, you decide when and for how long you study at a time. So while attending classes during the day, you can study your add-on courses in the evenings or even over the weekends.

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