Minimum qualifications for preschool teachers

The minimum qualification for preschool teachers is a Level 1 qualification from the South African Qualifications Authority. This qualification entails basic knowledge and skills about child development, from birth to six-years-old. At this level, the teacher must demonstrate how to facilitate growth and skills development in early childhood development programmes.

Qualifications for preschool teachers    

ECD (Early Childhood Development) teachers and heads of registered preschools should have at least a Level 4 qualification from the South African Qualifications Authority. They should have a general understanding of and training in the early childhood development of children up to the age of six years.

ECD programme supervisors should demonstrate theoretical knowledge and have practical experience in managing ECD centres. They should have management skills that enable them to tackle the various daily responsibilities at a centre, as well as communicate and interact with all the children and teachers at the centre.


Qualifications to be a preschool teacher, Preschool Courses


Coursework for a preschool teacher Certificate programme may include:

* Child development

* Classroom management and behaviour

* Curriculum methods

* Instructional design

* Parent-child relations

* Learning activities suitable for pre-schoolers

* Child safety

* Working as part of a team with other teachers.


By obtaining a bachelor’s degree, you can broaden your employment options as a preschool teacher. Common topics covered in a bachelor’s degree programme in early childhood education include behaviour assessment and management, math teaching methods, and reading instruction methods. It is also important to get practical teaching experience along with your qualifications, as it allows you to observe and teach children in a supervised environment.


Qualifications to be a preschool teacher, Preschool Courses


Where to study

Be careful about choosing your course provider. There are many companies offering early childhood development courses which are not approved by the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) – often charging a similar or even higher fee than its registered and approved counterparts.

SETAs are industry bodies convened by the Minister of Labour with the aim of developing and implementing a sector-specific skills plan, registering and promoting learnerships, and applying to SAQA (South African Qualification Authority) for accreditation as an ETQA (Education and Training Quality Assurance Body). Please always ask whether the provider of the course you are interested in, is indeed SETA-approved.

If you are already employed, or live far away from any training facility, it is advisable to consider distance learning.

To find out more about distance learning colleges that offer childcare-related courses, click on the button below.





First Aid courses:

As a preschool teacher, it is crucial to have first aid knowledge, as accidents can happen when young children play together.  

A level 1 first aid course should include a minimum of 16 hours of training.

SETA approved first aid course providers:

* Contact the National First Aid Academy at 086 163 2200 to make a booking or visit their website: www.nfaa.co.za.

 Distance learning first aid courses:

You can also study a First Aid course via distance learning. Click on the link below to find out where. 




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