Preschool Courses

Preschool courses prepare students for a career in education – more specifically, the teaching and training of young children. These preschool courses demonstrate how teachers can use interactive teaching methodologies to provide basic learning foundations in subject fields such as music, reading, mathematics, and history.

Training for preschool teachers

There are many training courses that you can study to become a preschool teacher. The minimum qualification will vary from country to country, but all preschool teachers must at least have a Matric certificate to begin with. A post-secondary certificate or diploma in child care or preschool teaching is also necessary if you want to get employed in this field.

Preschool Courses, Preschool Courses

Duties and responsibilities of a preschool teacher

A preschool teacher has many duties, responsibilities, roles, and challenges. They have to work very closely with the children to help them develop and choose their own learning and playing style.

The preschool teacher is also responsible for observing and evaluating the children’s performance, social development, and physical health.

By keeping a close eye on these factors, the teacher is responsible for discussing their findings and observations with the parents or guardians. The teacher can suggest ways for the parent to help promote the learning and development of the child, if necessary.


Preschool Courses, Preschool Courses


Studying to become a preschool teacher

As mentioned earlier, the requirements for becoming a preschool teacher will vary from country to country – but in most cases, a formal education and experience in working with children is a necessity. A professional certification and a license are also important when applying for a teacher’s position at a professional, well-established school.

It is also a great idea to study add-on courses, along with your formal preschool teacher course. Add-on courses can include child psychology, child safety and nutrition, developmental milestones, etc.

These courses are available via distance learning, giving you the opportunity to study add-on courses at the same time that you are studying towards your professional certification.

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