Inservice Training For Preschool Teachers

Before you can understand inservice training for preschool teachers, you first have to understand what inservice training actually is.

Inservice training is relevant practical work experience to complement your studies. Inservice training refreshes your knowledge, and equips you with new skills. It assures that you are up to date with all the latest changes, and that you are fit for the job.

Inservice training can be paid or unpaid. Sometimes only a small stipend is paid to cover travelling costs. 

Inservice training for preschool teachers is necessary for those who have not been adequately trained in certain learning fields. In some cases, the education programmes change, and teachers have no choice but to undergo inservice training in order to keep their teaching abilities at a high standard.


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Nursery teachers’ training

A nursery teacher, also known as a preschool teacher, works in preschools, nurseries, and reception classes with children aged between two and five years.

They carefully plan activities that are suitable for the young children. The activities have to educate and motivate children, and help them to learn new things through the creative use of resources.

In order to be employable, you have to get the right training. Nursery/preschool teacher training teaches students how to work with young children, and what methods to use to teach these children.

There are many training courses that you can sign up for to get your teaching qualification, specialising in young children. You can also study add-on courses to expand your knowledge and skills. Courses such as early childhood development, child psychology, or health, safety and nutrition for young children are all great courses to widen your knowledge and improve your preschool/nursery teacher qualification.

You can also study these courses via distance learning, making it easy to study an extra course while you are busy with your main teaching qualification.

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