Finding A Job

There are many ways to look for a job, especially now that there is the added advantage of connecting to employers online. Be sure to visit sites like and to find a job. We made you this list of online recruiters for preschool jobs:


If you want to contact a school directly, most institutes or companies provide on-line job applications or contact information on their websites. To finda school near you – use this handy website:

Opening your own day care facility

The next step for you might be to start your own business.

Download the following document for the latest governmental regulations with regard to day care centres from the Department of Social Development:

It elaborates and discusses the following regulations:
1. Procedures to be followed with regard to the establishment of a place of care; and

2. Registering a place of care.

Starting a playgroup

Are you looking for something fun that you and your toddler can enjoy together? Consider starting your own playgroup.  A playgroup can be beneficial for you and your child. Building a supportive network of parents in your community can be incredibly helpful.

To find out more about the most popular playgroup franchises, go to:

Useful websites where you can download free activities:

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