Duties and Responsibilities Of a Preschool Teacher

A preschool teacher plays a very important role in a young child’s school education, and life in general. The preschool teacher is responsible for helping the young child develop and grow intellectually, physically, and socially.

What does a preschool teacher do?

The preschool teacher is responsible for expanding the young children’s vocabulary, creative or artistic abilities, science knowledge, as well as their social skills. Most importantly, the preschool teacher is responsible for providing the foundations to prepare the child for primary school. Group activities, one-on-one instruction, and learning through creative activities are all methods of teaching that are adopted to teach and develop preschool children. Teachers also use storytelling, rhymes, and acting games to help the children develop and grow their language and vocabulary.

 Duties and responsibilities of a preschool teacher, Preschool Courses

Importance of preschool teachers

Preschool education can create significant improvements in children’s learning and development. Preschool exposes the young children to letters, shapes, and numbers – and more importantly, preschool teaches children how to socialise with other children. All of this prepares them for primary school.

Being a preschool teacher

Being a preschool teacher can be quite fun and rewarding. Besides the pleasant working environment that preschool teachers are able to enjoy, there are many other benefits to this career. The working environment is great, as preschools try to keep classes small to promote a nurturing atmosphere. Teachers have the freedom (and are in fact encouraged) to be creative and playful in class activities. One of the biggest rewards of being a preschool teacher is that you get to see the progress and development of children as you prepare them for primary school. Preschool teachers also get the benefit of being off during school holidays, and some schools even offer discount on preschool fees for the children of the teachers.

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